Excerpts from Introduction to Third Phase Transition: Solving The Anthropocene Crisis

Human intelligence is organic

“[H]uman intelligence is organic by nature. It harnesses and augments the advanced biology of the human brain, as a centre of bodily senses. These have been transformed by cooperation, extending into relational common sense. Thus, the self-unifying artefact of human mind has been created. Human consciousness is raising its degree of collectivism, in tandem with the historically achieved social rate of cooperation. It consolidates itself at the level of association, that this cooperativity has managed to self-organise. This tendency, of collectivising human intelligence, intensifies particularly in relation to the socio-natural challenges, now discovered by it and confronting it. And the necessary means, of realising this tendency, are already developing at an accelerating speed.

An alleged mechanical species of computers cannot become intelligent. Allowing for the invention of bio-quantum computers, cracking, encoding, decoding, and processing mathematical operations, inaccessible to the human mind, such machines will never equal human intelligence, its collective nature, and its intuitive core. Human intelligence has evolved as combined result of natural selection and the collective quality of cooperation. It should be respected and revered as such, just as much as Cenozoic biodiversity should.


The more autonomous an advanced computerisation might be designed to operate, the more it would produce the exact opposite of organic intelligence – mechanic madness.

On the contrary, subjecting it to measuring, reporting, and fine-tuning advanced circular metabolism of global ecology, ranging from wildlife to human urbanism, might transform it to a tool of powerfully enhancing collective intelligence in managing the earth system.

High-tech compensating for damaged senses and functionalities of the human body, or enhancing those naturally given, is a reality already underway. Disciplining it to life itself, should be a proof of humanity successfully achieving collective intelligence – Anthropy.

Today, the hype around ‘AI’ mostly serves as a techno-fetish cover up for the destructive and minoritarian social interests presently controlling, surveying, and manipulating information technology. Their narrowly throttled abuses of it, to unsustainably destructive ends, are not intelligent. They are effectively sabotaging the means of cooperation, necessary for collectivising intelligence in solving the Anthropocene crisis.”

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