Excerpts from Introduction to Third Phase Transition: Solving The Anthropocene Crisis

On converging human and natural rights

“Human intelligence has evolved as combined result of natural selection and the collective quality of cooperation. It should be respected and revered as such, just as much as Cenozoic biodiversity should.

The more autonomous an advanced computerisation might be designed to operate, the more it would produce the exact opposite of organic intelligence – mechanic madness.”

“Only [the] consequent design, programming and implementation [of alleged ‘Artificial Intelligence’] in solving the Anthropocene crisis can avoid the global ‘Frankenstein moment,’ intuitively approached as a coming ‘singularity.’ If destructivity is allowed to go on unabated, it would not signify living computers, but a destructive point of no return within living human society. It would ultimately destroy its own existence, within the evolutionary result of the Cenozoic era. Disciplining global information technology to preservation of the evolutionary result in Planet Earth’s life system in general, and to the generalised association of humanity as its independent variable in particular, can be the only meaningful definition of contemporary human intelligence. It would express the anthropic principle as collective intelligence in the earth system.”

“There is a potentiality inherent to the virtual means of cooperation, of serving the human right of association in solving the Anthropocene crisis – planetary natural right. That would signify realising the third order approximation to human nature.”

“Of course, the Anthropocene hypothesis, forecasting a new human-centred geological epoch at Planet Earth, needs to be distinguished from the Anthropocene crisis, the ongoing phase transition discussed in this work. The Anthropocene crisis is a fact. This does not apply to the Anthropocene. The possibility of an Anthropocene epoch, with humanity perpetuating the Cenozoic era (the evolutionary time of mammal speciation), depends entirely upon the solution or non-solution of the Anthropocene crisis. Whatever the proposal of the Anthropocene Working Group within the Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy eventually will be, it is not at that academic level that the issue will get settled. Any other conceivable timing of an Anthropocene onset, than that possibly evolving out of the Anthropocene crisis itself, would prove untenable. The associated actions of billions of people within the near future will decide.” 

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