Excerpts from Introduction to Third Phase Transition: Solving The Anthropocene Crisis

On the meaning of ecosystem services

“From such a [anthropocentric] departing point, co-working forces between human labour power and sun-powered biogeochemical work of the earth system could be developed. Ecosystem services might thus be scientifically determined as the principle of surplus human labour power devoted to ecosystem monitoring, research, maintenance, and restoration. The corrupt meaning today put into the term ‘ecosystem service,’ will prove untenable. Capitalising parts of ecology, for the rent seeking of financial markets, is neither service performed by eco systems, nor supplied to them. It is a destructive force.”

“Successfully providing subsistence to inhabitants, and producing surplus labour power, within this Anthropozone, becomes a direct precondition for managing to provide ecosystem service to Evoluzone and Holozone. By its [super-productive] ecological enclosure, and its global eco system service, Anthropozone can conform to planetary natural right.”

“Equitably associated competence, between agricultural and tradition bearing rural populations and the [assisting] ecosystem service of cities, for restoration of a sustainable Holozone, should found zone management’s global treaty of its particular natural right.”

Cooperation, voluntarily integrating surviving knowledge, cooperative versatility, and nature valuation of indigenous populations [as ecosystem service], with the research field earth system science and all its subdisciplines, into one singular, common, and socially equitable association, should form the basis in a global social treaty of natural right in [Evolu]zone management.

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