Excerpts from Introduction to Third Phase Transition: Solving The Anthropocene Crisis

On the human right of the Anthropozone

Urbanisation should be completed in the Anthropozone, as a closed system of simplified ecologies. Within this segregate human right – the anthropo-centric principle – everything will evolve around human life and human metabolism. Optimally compressed food chains (for example high-grade protein, produced by bacteria or fungi) in contained, circular, oligo-tropically optimised cultivation (few species), could exponentially raise the rate of nutritional yield to resource use. Professionally associated production, cooking, serving, and recycling of healthy, tasty, and varied food, closed flows of circulating water and materials, with construction applying urban mining design, and production organised in symbiotic industrial parks, should provide for reducing rural resource mining (agricultural produce, logging, mining minerals, et cetera) to dimensions balanced by reciprocation and restoration. Monitoring and balancing of the species gradually adapting to urbanised areas, should complete this segregate type of human ecology, proving its achieved anthropocentric form of circular metabolism by not discharging any unintended waste. Successfully providing subsistence to inhabitants, and surplus labour power, within this Anthropozone, becomes a direct precondition for managing to provide eco system service to Evoluzone and Holozone. By its hyper-productive ecological enclosure, and its global eco system service, Anthropozone can conform to planetary natural right.”

“The majority can only change course, in the interest of society, of the planet, and of life, by freely associating. This is tantamount to breaking up from its incapacitated social status. Majoritarian self-organisation means social mutiny.

The new normal must complete, combine, and concretise already massively accumulating development features into concrete principles of human daily interaction, uniting a social order of equal grown-ups. A system is acutely needed, embodying incentives to save and promote life at The Blue Planet for enhanced life of future human generations. Its breakthrough would immediately saturate the parched need of human cooperation, simply because of the immense scale and intensity of the task. Integration of human production and consumption, and the re-integration of this overall process within the circular metabolism of planetary nature, is incompatible with the exploitation principle.”

“Within integrated associations, an axis of self-organised productive and scientific labour would form their organising principle, leading optimal conversion to advanced circular metabolism. By such integration of manual and intellectual labour at all levels of association, embodying integration of united science into everyday life, a natural metabolic standard of socially recognized labour would be constituted, a base level towards which other types of labour might be commensurately measured. In short, science and the working class need to clinch hands.”

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